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Your name 

​Names and ages of (children :if applicable))

Mailing address: 


Home telephone number:

Cellular number: __________________

How did you hear about Bully For You Frenchie’s? ______________


Why did you choose a French Bulldog? _______________________

​If you work outside the home or need to be away from home for several hours each day, what are you plans to care for your puppy/dog while you are gone?

​Do you have a fenced yard or dog run for your puppy to have a safe place to run and play? Yes _____   No _____

Do you plan to kennel your dog daily? Yes _____   No _____ If yes for how long each day will you do that? ____________________

What other pets Do you currently own? ______________________

Do you prefer a male? ____ or female? ____ No preference. __          

Do you have a color preference? No____ Yes____ If yes, what color(s) are you interested in? _______________________________

​Please tell me a little bit about yourself that you would like me to know.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Do you agree to spay or neuter your puppy within 12 months after taking possession or your puppy? Yes _____   No _____

Proof of the spay or neuter procedure must be provided to us within 2 weeks of the procedure being completed. Please email me the receipt from your Veterinarian for our files. Are you willing to send us proof of the surgery for our records? Yes _____   No _____

If you do decide to breed, please contact me and we can discuss the possibility and procedure you need to go through to do it legally. Are you willing to do so? Yes _____ No _____

If you do not contact me and you breed one of my puppies without my knowledge, you will be in breach of contract. I will ask my Attorney to contact you and we will file a lawsuit against you immediately. You will be required to pay a $25,000.00 fine and you will be required to return my Momma and all the puppies to me immediately! I will then take my Mom and puppies to my Veterinarian and they will undergo a FULL medical examination. You will be responsible for all medical costs, attorney fees and any additional fees caused by your breach of contract. Do you understand this and agree to this policy? Yes: ___ or No: _____

Please note it is NOT my intention to offend anyone but unfortunately scamming and puppy mills happen far to often! It is a sad reality in the breeding world, and I am protecting my babies because dog’s wellbeing is my top priority! So, I need to be as clear as possible, I hope you understand!


Health guarantee covers genetic life-threatening issues that were tested for in DNA testing. Diagnosis must be verified by my Veterinarian and yours, at your expense. In the case where a puppy has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness you will receive a new puppy when the next litter is born. Although I work very hard to prevent the known health issues associated with Brachycephalic breeds I can only do so much.   Thus, the health contract does not cover issues that French Bulldogs are known for such as nares (the nostrils), allergies.... If properly cared for by working with your Vet. these things can be managed.

 Buyers Signature: _________________ Date: ________                


Dexter AKA William.JPG
Felicity and her son Dexter
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