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Your name 

​Names and ages of children:

Mailing address: 



Home telephone number:

Cellular number: 

How did you hear about Bully For You Kennels?


Why did you choose a French Bulldog?

If you work what are you plans to care for your puppy/dog while you are gone?

Do you have a fenced yard or dog run for your puppy to have a safe place to run and play? (CIRCLE ONE)  Yes:            No:


Do you plan to kennel your dog? (CIRCLE ONE)  Yes:       No        If yes for how long each day will you do that? 


What other pets Do you currently own? 


Do you have a preference a   Male:            Female          No preference             Do you have a color preference? 

Please tell me a little bit about you and your family that you would like me to know. 




Do you agree to spay or neuter your puppy within 12 months after taking possession or your puppy? (CIRCLE ONE) Yes   No

Proof of the spay or neuter procedure must be provided to us within 2 weeks of the procedure being completed. Please email it to me for our files. Are you willing to send us proof for our records? ( CIRCLE ONE) Yes No

If you do by chance decide to breed please contact me and we can discuss the possibility. CIRCLE ONE)   Yes      No


If you do not contact me and you breed one of my puppies without my knowledge, you will be in breach of contract. If I find that someone has bred one of my babies without my permission I will ask my Attorney to contact you to collect $25,000.00 from you immediately. You will be required to return my Mama dog and all the puppies to me with in 24 hours. Mom and puppies will under go a FULL medical examination from my  Vet. if hospitalization is needed and medication is needed you will also be held accountable to cover those fees.  In addition you will also be responsible for all Attorney fees and any additional fee's occurred by the breach of contract. Do you understand this and agree to this policy? Yes:____  Please note it is NOT my intention to offend anyone but unfortunately scamming is a sad reality in the breeding world. My dogs wellbeing is my top priority, so I need to be as clear as possible. I hope you understand


Picking up your new baby or babies is always so exciting day. I work really hard to have the pick-up day set far enough in advance and we will work around your work and family schedule as well as mine.  If you need to extend for pick up date beyond the prescheduled date for example 

DEWORMIMG AND VACCINES:  Your puppy will have had their deworming series and the first part of their puppy shots. Until your puppy has had the full series they are NOT protected from Parvo!  Then you will need to wait 2 weeks after the vaccine was given. until  you can safely take your puppy in public. In addition to public parks and such, your puppy CAN get Parvo at a Veterinarian Clinic. To protect your puppy please check with the clinic before you go to the Vet. to make sure they have not treated any Parvo Cases lately. Also I strongly recommend that you take an old towel or blanket with you to put down on the exam table to set your puppy on. Then put the cloth in there garbage can and go to the bathroom and wash your hands with hot soap and water. Parvo can be deadly and is as contagious as COVID and as difficult to control and overcome. 


Health guarantee covers genetic life threatening issues that were tested for in the DNA testing. Diagnosis must be verified by my Veterinarian and yours at your expense. In the case where a puppy has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness you will receive a new puppy when the next litter is born. Although I work very hard to prevent  the known health issues  associated with Brachycephalic breeds I can only do so much.   Thus, the health contract does not cover issues that French Bulldogs are known for such as nares (the nostrils), allergies.... If properly cared for by working with your Vet, theses things can 

                                                                 -          LeeAnn Patin 

             Buyers Signature              -        Date                Sellers Signature                     Date



                                  Now what happens after you have been approved

Upon being approved you have 3 options as to how you want to proceed in purchasing your new puppy.





I have been asked so many times about reserving a puppy because my puppies sell fast, so  I have now decided to offer this service.  People who are wanting to secure a puppy upon confirmation of a litter size, I will except reservations.  In order to reserve a puppy at this time you must understand that I do not know and can not guarantee the color or sex of your puppy or puppies ahead of time.  Your reservation ONLY secures that you will be able to purchase  a puppy from Bully For You Kennels, I will only offer reservations for 50% of the estimated litter size.  Our reservation fee is non-refundable and is $500.00.  Once you have chosen your puppy I will require an additional non-refundable $500.00. and this now becomes your deposit. People on the reservation list will choose their puppy before those on the waiting list and in the order that I have received their reservation fee. If by the tragic event I loose a puppy or puppies and you are not able to choose a puppy from the litter your reservation fee will be transferred to my next litter. 


Because I have had problems in the past with people agreeing to notifying me if they find a puppy so I can keep my waiting list current I have started to charge a waiting list fee of $50.00. This fee is non-refundable and goes towards the purchase of your puppy. Many breeders do not offer waiting list because keeping the list current is difficult. Why is this important? Because I start turning people away when I get more people of the list than I have puppies. 

Once  I have people on the reservation list they will take precedence over the waiting list, I will work through  the lists in the order that I received their waiting list fee.  If by the tragic event I loose a puppy or puppies at birth or soon after and you are not able to receive a puppy from the litter your waiting list fee will be transferred to my next litter. 



Please let me know what you would like to do and how you would like to proceed in one of the following ways. Choose one, sign and email the contract to my email address. 

  I would like to be placed on the WAITING LIST for a Bully For You Kennels  puppy per the information above.   I agree to pay the $50.00 fee and  I understand that the $50.00 fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if you decide not to purchase a puppy.   The  Waiting List Fee will be applied to the your deposit. (see deposit agreement below)


Signature:______________________________________     Date:____________

 I would like to RESERVE A for a Bully For You Kennels puppy per the information above. I agree to pay the $1000.00 fee.   I understand that the $1000.00 fee is NON-REFUNDABLE  Reservation Fee will be applied to the total purchase price of your puppy.

Signature:______________________________________     Date:____________


I agree to pay a $1000.00 non-refundable deposit upon choosing your puppy.  Deposits will be applied to the total purchase price of your puppy.

​Buyers Signature:______________________________________     Date:____________

 Bully For You Kennels Owner: 

LeeAnn Patin           



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